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Elijah McCoy was an African American inventor and engineer who, after facing slavery and escaping through the Underground Railroad, got educated in mechanical engineering and worked with the lubrication of steam engines, ultimately making trains faster. #BlackHistoryMonth #SELC

Lost to Riichiro's board!! I still have a chance to win. #selc #stem #pltw #pennyhockey

This is a picture of my revamped circuitry. Hoping to automate this thing's scoreboard with inspiration from @NathanJVuong who used photocells to do so. Brilliant! I also eliminated all of my copper tape and used a breadboard for aesthetics. #selc #stem #pltw

I can not believe it. I just can't. After 15+ hours of research on my robot, MIC, I have a solution. You can now speak to him and he will speak back to you with nothing but a Raspberry Pi and a speaker. This is incredible. Can't wait to build his body so he can move, too.

Finished my penny hockey set after at least 5 hours of work! #selc #stem #makerspace @SreethanV @MakerPetey

Volunteering at my #synagogue for #hanukkah
Making boxes filled with holiday treats, like chocolate coins, for other Jews that can not obtain them bacause of either poor financial situations, poor locations, or simply inaccessibility to the things that make Hanukkah what it is.

Learning about more materials in the #Makerspace with @SreethanV
#selc #stem #pennyhockey

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This is a PLN (Professional Learning Network) Twitter account. Here, I can learn STEM related things and share STEM related things with others. This will allow me to expand my knowledge whenever I receive notifications or open Twitter.

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