MakerFaire Ideas

I have a few ideas for the MakerFaire. My main idea is to create a spotlight that is attached to Vex motors. It will be remotely controlled and will randomly shine a beam onto a student’s desk. This will allow a random student to be called on. My goal is to allow it to have multiple lights that change colors and to have sounds that play when a student is being selected. This makes class participation funner. I am also planning on making an “attendance box”, which will check students in as they walk into the classroom. It will send a form to the teacher that lists all of the names of the students that entered class on that day so that they do not have to take attendance. It will work by scanning a barcode that each student will have on them. They will also sign out with that barcode. Another idea that I have for the MakerFaire, which is a much smaller project, is an idea that I have to modify an Expo whiteboard eraser. The eraser will have a hole in the middle that allows for a small bottle of Expo Whiteboard Spray to fit inside. It will lock in place when pushed in all the way, and a button on the top of the eraser will spray the solution onto the board while the eraser wipes the board. My personal idea for the MakerFaire, if I can get it to work, is a holographic piano keyboard. It will work like any other holographic keyboard, except it will project a full 88-key piano that can play multiple keys at once. This would be optimal for all musicians that travel a lot or musicians that just can’t stand a moment away from their pianos.

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