If you are working with any machinery in the makerspace, you must always wear goggles. This rule applies to every scenario that may occur and to every project that may be created. Sleeves must always be rolled up if they are considered to be long. Wearable accessories, such as watches, must be removed when working with the equipment.


Below, videos in a slideshow are attached, with Mr. Sinde explaining and demonstrating how and why the panel saw is used. Mainly, it should be used for cutting extremely large pieces of wood that can then be cut into even smaller pieces with the table saw (mentioned below).



This machine is used for cutting anything from wood to tile. A ruler, which is attached to a fence, should be used when making accurate cuts. Two different cuts can be made with this saw: rip cuts and cross cuts. One cut goes along the grooves of the wood while another goes across them. The saw, if touched by skin, immediately shoots down before it can cause any injury. This safety feature, though handy, damages the saw itself, which is why a plastic “guard” must constantly remain over the saw.



This machine engraves designs onto virtually any surface. As long as the thickness of the surface is set in the preferences of the engraver, along with other things, almost any material can potentially be engraved. The engraver can either cut or simply engrave, depending on what color you set things to be in the Adobe Illustrator file, which is used for the design that is to be created. Below is a google doc on how to create and engrave a design with the laser engraver and a slideshow with pictures and videos, demonstrating its usage.