Penny Hockey Project


I created a penny hockey project. Materials were purchased from Home Depot, found below in a spreadsheet.


I then cut down the materials to size for my project, including the tile, which I laser engraved with a PLTW logo. Measurements were made with rulers and dial calipers to determine thickness and the amount of cutting necessary for the project. I used many tools, including but not limited to: a table saw, a miter saw, a drill press, a band saw, a cordless drill, a nail gun, a mallet, and a table saw. After the project was constructed, I added an Arduino and created the necessary circuitry on the board for the electronic scoreboard to work. I had to program the entire thing from scratch, but it was gratifying when I completed it. I made the scoreboard count down from 300 to each player, ending the game when 300 seconds passed for either player. To switch who is being affected by the timer, one must simply score and press a button. A video documenting my work is below.