About Me

My name is Joshua Malinkovich. I am fourteen years old and I live in Glenview, Illinois. I go to school at Glenbrook South High School. My pastimes/hobbies include music, programming, and cooking. I have composed my own music on the piano and have even transcribed it. I used to write lyrics to the songs that I’d write, but I currently just focus on writing sheet music. I have a band with a drummer and a guitarist, with a violinist due to join soon. I taught myself how to program when I was 12, so I started using HTML and CSS to make websites. Soon after, I learned Foundation to help speed up the process, and eventually WordPress. I also learned PHP, which allowed me to make cool forms and interactive websites in my spare time. The first website that I made aided the inception of my business, even though I did not end up getting any clients. One thing that I like that almost everybody likes is video games, though I do not spend much time on them.